Project EXI

The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

Suspension setup

The following are Marlin recomended factory settings for the 5EXi

Ride height

Ride height should be set with the bottom suspension arms all but parallel to the ground (very slightly down hill from the chassis mounting to the ball joint mounting of the lower susp arms).
As a second check the steering arms should also run or but parallel to the ground.

Front wheel alignment

The front wheels you can run them where suits you best ie. Total 3mm toe in parallel or 3mm turn out.
One of these 3 settings may offer you your most comfortable setting.
Camber front wheels should be in the neg range (ie the top of the wheel leaning in towards the middle of the car). Practical useable range would start at 1/2 deg neg to as much as 2 deg neg each wheel.

Rear wheel alignment

Camber rear wheels similar to the front in that your useable range is going to be between 1/2 deg neg to 2 deg neg each wheel.
Tracking rear. The rear wheels should be toe'd in by minimum of 3mm total & possibly up to 5mm total. They must never be set either parallel or toe'ing out.

Tyre pressures

Tyre pressures. Tyres can be run at any pressure between 10 & 20psi when cold but as a general start setting Mark would suggest 16psi for single occupancy or 18psi for two people would be good.