Project EXI

The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

Project EXI Status

PARTS - Marlin to supply

* Module 3 - nut and bolt pack
* Windscreen wiper linkage (motor to turret)
* Roll bar brace (for seat belt attachments)
* Marlin badges (from module 1)
* 2x 4 point harness Bolt in black, quick release buckles

Parts - Steve to supply

* Fuel filler extension and unleaded fuel restricter, keyed.

Optional Parts

* Oil cooler and oil cooler take off plate OR oil filter cooler.
* Aluminim passenger foot rest (Co drivers foot rest) £20 + VAT - Make a homebrew?
* Aluminium clutch foot rest - Possible to make homebrew?
* Fire extinguisher 600g BC powder - CBS £12.50 + VAT
* Silcone hose kit - Red for Seat Leon APP 1.8T 20v

Parts - Future requirements

Resolved Parts - Recevied/Ordered

* Seats - 2 x Corbeau Forza in black vinyl
* Steering wheel - CBS mountney 300m with quick release boss
* Fuel filler breather
* Cast alloy pedal set with rubber inserts- CBS £6 + VAT
* Ball & socket hinges for doors x 4
* Heated Front windscreen (Lotus elise) - Non heated windscreen sourced, Heater Matric added
* Fiber filler
* Module 3 (With doors module)
* (Part of Light Kit) Rear fog lamp
* (Part of Light Kit) Rear reversing lamp
* (Part of Light Kit) High level brake light
* Replacement front brake lines (100cm long)
* Hydraulic brake switch (Valve on the end to fit into Tee, not as supplied to fit in a banjo)
* Brake lines for Seat Leon rear Callipers, Willwood fronts
* Rear caliper carrier, from calliper left with Marlin (this is from my donor)
* Rear brake pads, from calliper left with Marlin (these are new pads, supplied by Marlin, and already paid for)
* Instruments - ETB - Speedo,Tacho, Fuel & Water (White dials/red needles)
* Senders - ETB, fuel level sender, water temp,
* Handbrake cables
* CBS - #OILSW oil pressure switch £6 + VAT
* CBS #RADCAPS Radiator cap £6 + VAT
* Intercooler Turbo to intercooler side pipes custom pipe
* Compact Twin tone air horns £34.00 + VAT
* Adjustable fan controller thermosat £24.50 + VAT
* Adjustable fan controller thermostat union £4.50 + VAT
* 6 Lamp warning light panel Straight Car Version £30.00 + VAT
* Very high temperature red silicone gasket £15.00 + VAT
* In-line temp sender housing/Air Bleed/Drain 32mm £15.00 + VAT
* Horizontal Header Tank with Rear Brackets £94.00 + VAT
* Carbon fibre air filter £40.00 + VAT
* 5 x Track rod ends/Ball joints (Returned to Marlin due to premature cracking of rubber)
* Radiator - Rover 25 1600/1800 OE Ref:GRD1071 (520mmx420mmx22mm)(£71 + VAT from a local parts supplier)
* Near side gear linkage cable (Gate slector) 120-125 cm long (Part exchange for short one)
* Clutch line (orignal returned to Marlin for correction)
* Steering Rack exntensions (x2)
* Headlights - Peugeot 206 Angel Eyes (Terry @ Marlin £70 each)
* 2x 3m Lengths of stainless pipe for coolant connections £20 each
* Intercooler connections, throttle housing other way round on APP than a BAM, Viper Performance
* S/S Exhaust springs - 60mm gap? 50mm long springs.
* Trim - Rubber U channel, for front side panel trim.
* 10mm Fuel pipe and 17mm hose clips
* Rear Brake VW Calipers, discs and Pads
* ECU - At Marlin, waiting to send multiple units of to be modded atsame time, ETA??
* Dashboard - At Marlin, Shipped it, arrange collection?
* Swirl pot - At Marlin (Paid for 16/02/10)
* Intercooler - Sourced a new Golf intercooler for £144 inc VAT and delivery from Advacned Radiators,
* Washer bottle, pump and washer jets - AES £15.50 +Vat
* S/S P-clips for securing wiring loom/ brake cables/ coolant pipes
* Electrical wiring - Wires sourced, for building my loom, and to supply you with future looms. (AES order in progress)
* Switches - Sourced (AES order in progress)
* Hydarlic brake line switch (x2) - AES One supplied in Kit, sufficent for IVA
* Clutch pedal clevis - Found in bolt box
* Lower of the two exhaust mounting bushs. (Exhaust cotton reel)
* Rear wheel drive plates - At Marlin for modification