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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor
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Wed May 2 08:42:45 BST 2012

The car is back home

But some fortune Marlin were able to bring the car back to me this week. Thanks guys. Now the IVA is out of the way, the car needs registering, hopefully that process will happen today, then I get some number plates made up and go for a drive.

Even thou it is now road worthy the list of tasks still to do doesnt stop growing. There is alot of body work refining left to do.

The custom hub-centric hubs that were custom made by a neighbour were a fraction too tight, and over time one become stuck in the wheel. They also didnt allow for self centering of the wheel on the hub. So these have been modified, 0.5mm removed from the inside, and 0.5 mm removed from the outside the wheels now fit over the hubs smoothly without binding, so I hope this fixes the self centering of the wheel.

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