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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

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Sun Feb 19 14:33:56 GMT 2012

Reflectors and exhaust clamp

One of the IVA requirements are rear reflectors, Ihad initially bought some reflectors but these were stupidly small, looking around on the internet go-outdoors had a set of 2 for £1.35p. At 58mm in diameters these were the exact size needed for the small indent on the rear clam shell of the Marlin 5exi. Fitting was very simple, I held the reflectors in place and drilled a5mm hole through the GRP, and held it in place with a 5mm set screws and nyloc.

My exhaust tailpie kept moving, so to fix it in place I bought a 66mm exhaust clamp. Removed the rear most section of the exhaust, and cut some slots in the metal work, so the clamp would tighten and grip the upper section of the exhaust. I gummed it up with some high temp, red sealent, re-assembled and fitted the U-clamp over the two sections. This now hold the exhaust firmly in place.
Whilst I had the lower section of the exhaust on the ebnch, I also gave it a polish with some autosol. It now gleams, and has removed all the stains from the stainless exhaust

I have re-fitted the door hinge locking pins, so now the doors are fixed into the ball and sockets joints. The passenger door needed some packaging washers to line the ball join up correctly.
I spent the rest of the day with a vacuum cleaner, removing piles of dust from some hard to reach places, to give the whole kit a good clean.
Not sure what else is left to do now, but I'm sure I can find something to do prior to the IVA. Double check and triple check everything wont hurt anyone.
Just looking for the IVA date now. Will keep you all posted

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Sat Feb 18 18:13:32 GMT 2012

Front stone guard and undertray

The last big push is now on, I removed the front clam shell and went to fit the stone guard for the lower air intake
Bought a while ago from car builder. The stone guard is black anodised aluminium mesh. Cut it to size and folded the edges over the opening about 50mm around the esge would do. Then drilled 10 6mm holes through the aluminium mesh and into the GRP, the mesh is then held in place with stainless penny washers and M6 set screws, with nylocs.

Also refitted the front under tray, now the small water leak from the heater circuit has been fixed. I decided to remove the heater control valve complety, So my windscreen demist is permantly on. The only thing with the front under tray is that water from the windscreen will run down and onto the front undertray. With no way of escape I drilled some small drainage holes, and scored some lines to these holes, to try and give the water a flow channel to drain away. Wether it will work or not remains to be seen :)

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Fri Feb 17 17:16:32 GMT 2012

IVA paid for

just had the call from VOSA and have paid my &ppound; 450 for an IVA. Next my application goes to the technical department for a review, then the test center will call me and arrange a date for the IVA

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Mon Feb 13 08:16:48 GMT 2012

IVA submission

I've now done all the small little jobs, so I would now call the build is complete.
I had a water leak on the heater control value, so I decided to remove the heating control permantly, and have the heater demist always on, it can still be turned on and off via the fan. This will suffice for the time being until I get throught the IVA.
Also had a small elak on one of the water pipes at the rear, just behind the alternator, a re-tighten of the hose clips seems to off done the job.
Fitted the internal mirror, fitted the chassis number plate, laquered over the stamped in chassis number, fitted the last P-clip to the wiring loom in the passenger footwell, refitted rubber floor matting.
Completed all the IVA paperwork, amatuer build declaration,scanned in 12 of the Major build receipts, and put together some photographs of the build at various stages. Put them in an envelope and sent it all off to VOSA. Im going to go through IVA with the help of Marlin, so need to get the car down to exeter in the next few weeks.

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