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Tue Jan 24 08:23:48 GMT 2012

Nearly there


For the first time in well over a month I was able to get two days to dedicate to getting some of the last few jobs done on the build.

Firstly I removed the rubber trim I had previously put around the number plate holder. I found a better way of doing it, by cutting down the depth of the rubber trim it can be made to go around a tight radius better without foliding up on itself.

I have fitted the windscreen surround, and self tapped this into place. Im not 100% happy with it, in once place it didnt fit smooth to the screen, and hence wouldnt sit in line with the GRP side panels, I have had to trim it down so it just a windscreen surround that does not meet the GRP. Perhaps one day I can come back and re-visit this. I may have to make my own surround as the Marlin supplied one didnt work for me.
With the surround in place, I glued on some rubber u-trim to its reverse, (passenger compartment side) just to make sure I pass the IVA radius test.

A couple of cable tie bases, stuck to the rear clam shell had come off. Some contact adhesive later and these are back in place.

Stamped the chassis number into the chassis, not sure why it wasn't done before, it should of been done prior to delivery of the chassis. Spotted and fixed now. I also took the oppurtunity to repaint the chassis cross members that are on the floor. This time with black hammerite paint, so it now looks the same as the rubber floor mat texture

One last job is to laquer the chassis number area, fix the chassis plate to the floor.

And fill out the IVA application form. The delting kit car show is Easter weekend, so it might be good to get the car on the road in time for that.!!!

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