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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

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Mon Oct 24 10:19:22 BST 2011

Number plate mounts


Spent saturday in the garage cutting some aluminium sheet to hold the front and rear number plates.
The front number plate is secured with 2 90degree bracket and M6 bolts to the top side of the front the splitter
This then sits the number plate, fairly low down, slighty over the front splitter intake, but not blocking it too badly. Asthetically it is pleasing
The rear number plate is much simpler, a square(ish) plate bolted onto the rear. Directly under the number plate light

Fitted the high level brake light to the rear engine cover. It must site at least 350mm above the ground, but not more than 1500mm. Mine is sat at about 800mm, so spot on in the range.
I couldnt fit it anywhere else, like on the under side of the roll cage, as this would make the wiring long and complicated.
The brake light is a stick on type, but I also elected to drill a hole and bolt it onto the aluminium panel as well.
The wiring can run along the underside of the rear clam, and connect into the rear brake lights without too much of a problem.

Finally I thought I would try and tidy up the front undertray. When viewed from the front, the front edge was visable underneath the front splitter. It was bugging me a little as it didn't look or feel tidy. I decided to remove the undertray, bend it the front edge up. So the front edge is now directly behind the front splitter.
I still have to cut the side panels, and secure the modified tray to them. The tray is a bit narrow at this point so will have to widen the tray, or fit in some spacers, to ensure it is secure.

Been in contact with Marlin about my VIN plate. It is taking a while to get that made. Firstly I got the wrong number on the plate, now I dont have a plate at all. Hopefully should arrive soon, failing that I will have to make my own and goto the IVA without one?

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Mon Oct 3 07:46:48 BST 2011



Its been a quiet last month in the garage. Ive been away on my summer holidays for two weeks, so now I'm back it is time to concentrate on the last of the jobs so I can get through IVA.
I've missed the summer, so perhaps I can get the EXi on the road before the harsh winters come back
The list of jobs is shrinking so now might be a good time to update.

IVA must haves
Fit the windscreen
Trim and fit windscreen surround
Obtain windscreen wiper arm and blade
Bleed rear brakes
Align rear wheels
Secure brake lines (braided hoses and handbrake) at the rear
Add one addtional wiring loom p-clip in passenger foot well
Fit VIN plate
Stamp chassis number into chassis, in a few places
Remove, clean and re-fit front undertray
Make, and fit rear number plate holder
Make, and fit front number plater holder

Not required for IVA
Fit front splitter mesh
Fit passenger foot rest
Fit drivers foot rest

On saturday I set about fitting the windscreen. Firstly I removed all stickers from the screen and cleaned the outside. Then using some plastic shims (Normally used for construction of floors or walls) spaced the windscreen to obtain the correct position in the dashboard and the roll cage.
In the end I have a 10mm space on the bottom of the screen, 8mm on the bottom left and bottom right, and 1mm at the center top. This should enough to hold the screen away from the metal of the cage, so the at no point does the screen contact the roll cage of dash board directly. Once filled with PU adhesive, the screen should be spaced and provide a level of shock absorion/ anto vibration, to prevent creating stress points on the glass
That is as far as I got, as once I start the bonding process I cant stop it (The glue will go off), and I the screen is then permantly in place, so no way of getting under the dashboard to fix anything else
Next step to clean the inside of the screen, apply some isoproponyl cleaner to the glue contact points and install the windscreen permanantly.

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