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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor
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Sat Jul 30 15:45:52 BST 2011

Seat belts fixed


My seat belts arrived in the week from Marlin. I needed to get my own 7/16" UNF eyelet bolts and 2 7/16" Cap head set screws for fixing them to the chassis
The seat belts are black 3" wide, 4 point harness, with quick release turn buckle.
First job is to fit the eyelet bolts, I had to recut the thread and remove powder coating that was on the nut threads, which have been welded into the chassis, so removed the seats and re threaded the captive nuts with a cap head set screw
I could then screw int he four eyelet bolts. Using a screw driver I rotated the bolts until they were fully home and secured. Clipped on the lower seat belt straps

Inserted the haness bar into the new higher brackets, feed through the top straps and secured the bar in place with 7/16" unf cap head set screws.
Fitted the seats back in place, and feed the straps through all seat openings
It was that easy and a simple job to do

I have removed the high pressure fuel pump and sent this off for some testing, it seemed to off needed and higher current than expected. Hopefully hear in the week, if there is a problem with it

Looked into extending the rear wheel arch width, by about 20-30mm, by adding some additional glass fiber to the arch edges. Found a friend of a friend who can offer some expertise in this area. Will start this job next saturday all being well.

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