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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

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Sep 30 2010

Module 3 ordered, website and build diary now RAIDed

Now the annual summer holiday break is over (2 weeks on the Algarve coast in Portugal). Its time to get back on with the project Exi at least I tought that was the case...

During my time away one of my hard disks had failed. Ive lost some data but nothing important. Given this is the 2nd hard disk that has failed on me in as many months and the huge amount of data I dont want to loose, like this build diary and all the photos that go with it. We have finally decided to invest in a RAID 10 array (4 1.5TB hard disks) mirrioring and striping to give a large data drive for which is mirrored (If one drive fails the other can take over).
So since getting back from holiday I been working on that.

I have spent sometime however on admin tasks for the Project, namely to order Module 3 (The bodywork)
I have elected for Orange GEL coat with the door package.
Should arrive in about a month. End of october?? !!!
Before then I hope to have fitted the dashboard and instruments and get them tested and all working.

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Sep 09 2010

Instruments have arrived


My instruments have arrived from ETB.
REally impressed, defintly bought the right things.
White Dials, red needles, chrome bezel
80mm Speedo
80mm Tacho
52m Fuel
52mm Water
Fuel gauge float arm/sender
Water temp sender

Now to fit them. :)

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Sep 05 2010

Fuse Board cover


I had a plastic cover that I planned on using to cover the elctrics. So I set about fitting that.
I cutout some wiring loom access holes, in the bottom right and top right of the cover panel, and used two M6 bolts and rivnuts to hold it in place at the bottom, and one M6 bolt centrally placed at the top to hold the cover.
It looks good and will offer excellent protection to the wiring, as well prevent the passenger kicking it and damaging wires.
I cut out a small square of aluminium to hold the battery in place, this is now firmly secured. Put the battery jacket on, to finish the battery work off.
Put the high pressure fuel pump and handbrake cables in some conduit and fixed the conduit to the rear bulkhead cross memeber with cable tie sticky mounts and cable tie.
cut short the excess/ unused wires from the ECU and tidied them away in a length of heat shrink tubing.
Tidied up the passenger compartment wiring by adding some small wraps of insulation tape. All wires now form a short tight bundle throughout the entire car.
Cut out a dash panel insert from steel plate, and secured with 4 button head bolts into the dash opening, used to mount instruments when they arrive this week.
Will get the dashboard mounting holes drill and riv nutted. With penny washers glue in place to strengthen the fibre glass and prevent stress fractures.
When the instruments are in place and working I can then think about getting the dashboard covered with some vinyl type cover.

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