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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

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Jul 29 2010

Aftermarket Header Tank


Ive decided to invest in a verticle header tank from Car build solutions. This should fit into a space above the RHS rear wheel, roughly where the pipework from the donor is. Alternativly a vertical mount tank can be fitted on the rear bulkhead.
Also on its way is an
adjustable fan thermosat, with 32mm in-line pipe housing and union
6 way dash panel warning light
Carbon S/S air filter with ducting
High temperature silicon selant (for exhasut system)

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Jul 28 2010

Wiring loom additions, Fuel hose adaptors, Header tank


Ive identified two wires that was missing in my wiring loom, so have now update the wiring to version 5.15
The missing wires are all related to ECU power,
we need a permanent live from the battery fuse plate to the ECU
and also from switched live Ignition 15 through a fuse to the ECU. I have added this onto my wiring loom and just need to connect it up.
I received the 10mm to 8mm fuel hose apdapters order from EBay for £2.20 instead of £6.00 from car builder solutions. Great saving, I did order 3 but found I needed 5 in total, as the copper line provided is 8mm and all the connections on the fuel tank and swirl pot are 10mm. It would be good if all connections were 8mm. But that is joys of building a custom kit car from custom kit peices.
Im in two minds at the moment as to wether to replace the donor header tank. The main problem is where to fit it!!! There isn't enough room to fit it between the engine and the rear bulkhead. and fitting the round donor header tank to the chassis round bar on the right hand side is going to prove tricky.
I have seen the Horizontal header tank from Car build solutions, and at 150mm diameter should fit in between the engine and the tank. I now have to justify if the £94 + VAT expense is worth it. (I think it might be)

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Jul 25 2010

Intercooler connecting the pipe work, Fuel pipe fitting


I spent the weekend cutting the pipework so I can route the turbo output to the intercooler side pipes. I recevied the silicone hoses from Viper performance and have fitted the last remaing section to complete the intercooler circuit.
I also fitted some hoses over the orginal passenger heater connections and fitted a billet aluminium plig to block these off. I haven't destroyed anything in this aera in case i need to get access later.
I have bent the copper pipe work and temporaily fitted two runs down the driver side to complete the fuel circuit, also order 3 more 8mm to 10mm fuel hose adpaters as there is a mixture of 8mm and 10mm connections all over the place.
I also have the hoses to complete the coolant circuit, just need to get the raditor permantly fixed by welding some supporting brackets onto the intercooler brackets.
Work is not happening fairly quickly now I have the parts, and first fire day is approaching !!

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Jul 22 2010

Intercooler connections silicon hoses


I've collected the pipework i need to finish off the intercooler connections.
I have 2 90 degree bends, one 45 degree bend and a length of pipe, all in 57mm diameter to fit the existing intercooler pipes.
Just need to order the silicon hose connectors for these and the coolant hose connecters from Viper performance.
Placed an order with Viper performance for the remaining silicone hoses and hose clips to complete the intercooler and coolant pipework. Currently a 20% discount on all phone orders so that saved me 40 pounds or so :)

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Jul 20 2010

Intercooler connections over the gearbox


I've been in contact with a local exhaust manufacturer who are able to help me with fabricating the last of the intercooler pipes I need.
I will need 2 90 degree bends, and one 45 degree bend out of stainless steel pipe, to complete the metal work and then a few more 57mm straight hose connectors.
This should let me route from the turbo output to to passenger side intercooler pipe. This should then complete this cirucit and move on to checking electrics and connecting the radiator.
The countdown to firing it up begins !!!!

I've completed the first wiring loom for Marlin, and it is ready to be shipped directly to the customer.
8 hours of work have gone into making the loom, I hope the next loom I can make in a shorter time :)

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Jul 10 2010

Fuse plate labelling - connecting main loom wires


I've labelled up the replacement fuse board, and have fitted it to the front bulkhead. The improvement over the first design is huge. This new design certainly works better.
I have started the integration of the fuse board into the wiring loom. I am now connecting the wires from the steering column and the center console to the fuse board. This should be completed on Monday 12th.
Updated photos to follow on soon :)

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