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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

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Jun 26 2010

Fuse plate wire crimping


Completed the first pass wiring of the fuse plate. Next to solder all the crimp terminals and the bind the wire together.
The increased size of the fuse plate makes for a less cramped area.
I have also found a plastic cover that can be used to fit over the fuse plate on the front bulkhead. This will keep all wiring away from the passengers feet and finish the look off very nicely.
I've been investigating the instrument options a little further and have now decided on clocks. Im after a road/track car and not a track/race car. So for this reason I have ruled out the ETB DDR2 dash.
In the first case I can brand new clocks for about the £300, then upgrade or add new clocks as when the need arises, (Turbo pressure/ oil pressure)
Measuring the size of the dashboard hole, 80mm clocks will fit perfectly, 100mm clocks are too big. The difference in price also makes the 80mm option slighty cheaper.
Also located a local company who may be able to assist with the creation of a custom intercooler pipe, to connect the turbo to the intercooler side pipes, using some T304 Stainless steel. I need to create a drawing for the pipe, then visit them to get a price.

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Jun 19 2010

Intercooler connections


I've finally been able to fit the silicone hoses to connect to the intercooler. Starting at the throttle housing I had to cut and shut the supplied pipe to connect the hoses.
Most of the connections are now in place, but the problem area to solve next is the section around the Air intake and turbo output. I need to try and source some 57mm pipe and some different hoses.
I now also have my radiator, for which I wil also need to spec out the hose requirements for this and figure out how to fix it in place against the rear of the intercooler.

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Jun 18 2010

Where have I been.....


Its been a while since I have been able to do anything on the Car. I've recently got married so that has taken up alot of my time :)
I've decided my current fuse plate could be better, so I've increased the size and have started to rework it. Im creating more space between the components on it, so routing wires will be easier. Im also fitting some terminal blocks in the bottom right hand corner and the top left hand corner, to ease with removing and re-installing the board should the need arise.
Other updates, my silicon hoses have finally arrived from viper-performance, having taken 6 weeks, twice as long as initially discussed with the salesman.
I also have the radiator to fit.
So I have some free time, its time to get moving on the build again.

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