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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

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May 17 2010

Connecting to the VAG loom


I've started to connect the wiring loom into the VAG donor, I have decided to remove any plugs/connectors from the donor, and twist and solder each wire into the Marlin loom, once soldered cover the connection with a small piece of heatshrink tube.
I dont have too many connections left to do and once completed I can see enable each circuit one by one, by fitting the appropriate fuse and bring each circuit up.

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May 15 2010

Rear Calipers wont take handbrake cable


The handbrake system on the new rear calipers isn't right as when fitting the handbrake cable it will come into conflict with the drive shaft, the donor rear handbrake system will solve this problem. So I have set about refurbishing them. Next door neighbour kindly put them into his shot blaster, thank you !!. Once prepped I dipped them into VHT enamel paint have left them to dry.
I also had to lower the holes for the coolant pipes as the front was not lower enough to allow them pass under the fuel tank, moving the holes down so they are about 5mm from the front box section give sufficient clearance for the fuel tank.

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May 09 2010

Stainless Coolant pipes received


Now I have collected the stainless coolant pipes, it was a great time to fit them, so I made 2 35mm holes in the front bulkhead so the pipes can run through the tunnel.
I also fitted the nearside gear linkage cable, this fitted well although I did have to 8mm of thread of each end to fit and alignment the ball socket joint to allow enough room to select all the gears. That worked fine and it is now possible to select ALL 6 gears + reverse.

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May 08 2010

Visited Marlin to collect some parts

Went to visit the Marlin factory today and picked up some more parts.
Mark had, headlights, coolant pipes, gear linkage cable, steering rack extensions, and replacement track rod ends as my first ones the rubber had perished and fractured. Brake cables are still causing a problem so I don't have them yet.
Was a good day, and meeting Mark again was great, we had detailed conversations over a number of areas, which answered all the questions I had at the time
I have left one rear brake caliper with Mark so he can investigate the best way to connect it up, as the hydraulic banjo bolt hole will interfere with the rear drive shafts on a VAG setup.

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May 04 2010

Wiring loom frame


Set about making the wiring loom frame to allow me to duplicate my wiring loom for future Marlin customers.
Built on a 6ft by 4ft OSB board, pegged out with screws for bends and joins, then marked with marker pen indentifying the cable routes and termination points. It should assist with manufacturing of looms. Estimates goto about 3 hours per loom. First one should roll off tomorrow night.
Hopefully will have 2 ready by the weekend and I can deliver them to Marlin in exchange for some parts.

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May 03 2010

Center console switches


Today I set about making a center console so I can mount my switches on. I made it from 2.5mm thick aluminum plate. It will fix to the gear stick nuts, and bolt to the underside of the dashboard. The holes are 48mm x 130mm, and will take 5 switches each. I have left spaces for additional switch, that I may need in the future. Such as front screen heater demist, radiator fan override.
I will leave the aluminum unpainted as the brushed effect with black switches and black trim is effective
The space in the dashboard I might use for a stereo or data logger, at the moment neither will be fitted.

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May 02 2010

Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

Went to the stoneleigh Kit Car show today, managed to get some of the intercooler connection hoses that I will need from Viper Performance. I also need some special made up, so Daniel will hopefully give me a call that he can make up some reducing elbows I need.
Also managed to pick up a few useful bits and pieces, brake pipe bending tool, storage boxes, 8mm to 10mm fuel hose adapter, 10mm T-piece, drill and angle grinder cleaning and grinding parts.

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