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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

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Jan 31 2010

Understanding the donor wiring


The wiring is coming along.
I've been working out what needs to be done and what wire cross section I need to complete everything.
I've been identifing components in the existing wiring loom from the seat.
removed alot of wires, The ABS controller has gone. The Electric Fan control unit (part numer 1J0 919 506K) has gone.
removed all the cloth cover from the loom, and have indentified most of the connections that need to be made.
The two important areas are both the ECU connections (81 pin and 40) one of which is all the inputs to the ECU, the other is all the outputs from the ECU.
Knowing this makes it a little easier to find the correct connection. My ECU will have its imboliser disabled. So I have also removed the green/black twisted pair wires from the ignition barrel.
The windscreen wiper stalk from the steering column has also gone, Im not planning on using this, a simple rocker switch for the windscreen wiper, and a non locking push to make button will be ample for the washer circuits.
Once the loom cloth has been removed, you will find the wiring loom, will fall into seperate indentifable circuits.
For example the fan control cirucit only remains connected by the battery fuse board, like wise for the ABS circuit.
I have kept most parts intact, in case I need them later.
The power connections on the battery fuse plate, I did cut to be as long as possible, because of the nut that secures them to the plate, these wires can be used to supply power to the Marlin supplied fuse box, and relay circuits.
The airbag has gone from the steering wheel as have its wire and connections. I did find I need the plate that takes these connections to the steering column loom, as this also alows for self cancelling indicators to be fitted.
Ive been in contact with a fellow Marlin Kit Car builder, Ed Allsop, who collected his kit in December, its good to know another builder, building the same kit. Defintly bouncing ideas and sharing information is such as positive in a project like this.
Edd has supplied the photos of the wiring loom in my build photos section and kindly labelled the connectors on them!! (Thanks Ed) This made it easier to indentify bits on my loom
Spoke to Terry at Marlin on Friday, a delivery of my outstanding parts plus some extras is due to be shipped to me on Monday. Once I get this I defintly feel the build will move forwards at a quicker pace than recent months.
I think I should have everything I need now, to get a rolling chassis.
I have yet to source some ehadlights, but these are from a Peugot 106 Angle eyes. Should be able to find this for no more 150. With Daytime running lights, it would be worthwhile having them on the car, as an Ex Biker, headlights make you more visable to other road uses, and being a victim of a SMIDSY, (Sorry Mate I Didnt See You) I am quite keen on the led daytime lights. This month Kit Car Mag, had a controller for Daytime lights (20 from Car Builder Solutions), so this may also be worked into the loom
So watch this space!!

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