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Thu Mar 29 08:20:46 BST 2012

Delivery to Marlin for the IVA


To hopefully get the car through IVA a bit smoother for me I decided to use the expertise of Marlin, a pre-IVA check, and letting Marlin put it through IVA and register it with the DVLA.

Wednesday 28th March 2012 was set as the delivery date. So on Tuesday 27th March 2012 I hired a trailer from southerntrailers in Four Marks, Alton. And WOW, what a huge trailer compared to our tiny little 1.6 Diesel Golf that we were going to tow it with. It was good solid trailer though and well worth a days rental.

Getting the trailer home was easy enough, it didnt have the kit on it. That evening loaded the kit onto the back (had to reverse it on to get a good balance on the tow hook). Strapped it down with 4 tyre lashes. Weather was beautfiul, warm and sunny, so didnt have to worry about covering the kit to keep the elements out.

Set of from at 7:15am, had made lunch and took some flasks of coffee with us. Down the A303, we were averagin 50mpg !!! I was stunned, this 1.6 diesel golf towing this huge trailer with my kit on it. Putting on cruise control helped alot. Stopped for break at Cartgate picnic area. Having done this trip a few times this about halfway betweem Basingstoke and Exeter. Refreshed and re-fuelled it was time to get ont he road again.

Driving through exeter was a bit of giggle, this is the first time that my kit has been seen by the masses, there were alot of people pointing and looking at the car on the trailer. Quite amusing in many ways

Arrive at Marlin factory at 10:30. Gave Mark a run over on the car, first impressions from him were reassuring.

Left Mark at 12:30 and set of back home, managed to get the trailer back to Alton by 4:30. That saved us and early morning exit to drop the trailer back by 8am.

Just have to wait for the April 11th now

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