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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor
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Sun Jul 10 14:01:56 BST 2011

Door panels


Completed the wiper mechanisim, had to increase the length of the wiper motor arm from 43mm to 60mm, in order to get the turret to sweep the entire width of the screen, fitted an 8mm spanner on the turret, to see the sweep until such time as I can get a wiper arm and blade.
Had to remove a fair amount of dashboard to get the opening for the threaded bar so it can rotate freely. Not much of a problem with a dremmel.
I used some M6 ball and socket joints on the motor, turrent connected with M6 stainless threaded bar. Will cover the thread bar with heatshrink to protect both it and everything else that may come into contact with it.

Finished the painting and filling of the steering colum surround, filled in the hole for the wash wipe stalk, the underside for steering column adjustment, two coats of etch primer, 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of lacquer
Fitted the surround to the steering column, and velcroed on the front panel to cover the lrge hole exposed wheel the donor wheel fitted. Pleased with the results, althought he paint finish is not my best, it is upto the job

Cut, covered and fitted the interior door panels. Cut out a cardboard template for the interior door panels. Then transferred that to 1.5mm aluminium panel. Once the final shape was finished, I cut about 30cm of black webbing, and rivetted this around the central door bar, to make a door close handle. Cut an opening in the aluminium panel. Drilled 10 holes around the edge of the aluminium panel then transferred and drilled the holes into the door fiberglass.

Fitted speed clips, to allow self tapping screws to secure the panel onto the door.
Covered the aluminium panle with black alcantarra with contact adhesive, folded over the back of the panle by about an inch
Feed the door pull handle through the panel, and fitted both passenger and drivers door panel in place with stainless self tappers.

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