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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor
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Apr 10 2011

Rear Shock modified Rose joints arrived


Recevied the modified rose jose for the rear suspension and fitted these. The thread for the 14mm piston rods was correct, and the overall length of the shock is now spot on.
For future reference the original is 30mm in length the new ones (which work) are 50mm. Any longer and the lower wishbone will hit the chassis!! You do not want this to happen.
Had minor disaster when fitting them however, I forgot to secure the rear clam shell up, when fitting the clam shell fell and hit my head. Leaving a one inch gash on my head. Saw stars for 10 or so minutes, with the odd headache and dissy spells for a few days after.

Continue with the center console, and have fitted 4mm rivnuts to the passenger side, drill holes for the rivets on the driver side plate. And ordered a speaker grill to fit over the hole for air in take vent.

Also started to the fit the floorpan, first had to overcome how to hold the floor pan in place, while rivetting it to the underside.
Found a solution by using a plank of wood and two ratchet straps. Fitted 4 rivets to align the plate, and will secure will rivets and PU adhesive over the coming days.

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