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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor
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Feb 27 2011

Heater matrix hoses fitted


Fitted the new 90 degree hoses to the heater matrix, and all seems well. I have a few small leaks of coolant on the screw and copper washer, should be able to resolve that with a little sealant putty or clean up, may have some debris on the washer.

Refitted the electrical connections to the ingition barrel, but it is not wroking properly, the starter motor wont engage, when they key is turn fully on, I do have an idea as to what the problem is, will invetigate this tonight to see if it cures the problem. I think #30 and #15 connections are swapped.

Filled the system with coolant, and begun removing air locks, radiator is not getting hot, so a serious air lock seems present. With warming the water and letting it cool, these should resolve themselves in time.

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