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Feb 06 2011

Steering column, steering wheel and pedals finally resolved


I have finally managed to get the steering wheel, seat, and pedals into a suitable and comfortable position. I had to modify the rear steering column bracket so the brake blance bar doesnt hit the collapsable bracket on the column.
The pedal box is now back to original postion, which also meant making up some aluminium plates to cover the other holes for the clutch and brake cylinders that were made.

I orignally made a plate to fix the accelerator to the side of the pedal box, this had to moved down slightly, to allow the electrical connection on the top of the accelerator, this also meant my side panel expansion needed to be changed. So I removed this and made it full length, to accomodate the additional width of the fly by accelartor.

The side panel has been rivetted and PU glued in place.

I have a mountney 300mm steering wheel and have have figured out how to connect the horn button to the rotating steering interface on the orignal column.

My next step is to clean up the side panel expansion, and refit the brake and clutch cylinders.

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