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Aug 08 2010

Header tank mounted, Radiator Mounts finishing


The weekend was a very productive one!!!
I now have a header tank mounting bracket welded in place. With nylon spaces and grommets to mount to reduce the shock the aluminium tank will tank. The weld needs a small tidy up but is looking good.
The front raditor mounts, extension brackets on above the intercooler, Ive done some grinding and filing to tidy these up. Rounded the corners off, these need some cleaning before prime and paint.
I have some grinding and filing work to do on the radiator A-frame, then this can go to prime and paint.
Also have a bracket to support the intercooler pipe of the gear box, again some more grinding work and filing to be done here before prime and paint. The bracket for is recycled from the turbo downpipe fitting, the pipe clamps needed widening a little from 52mm to 57mm.
There is also a M10 25mm spacer which bolts into the gearbox and this holds the bracket away from the gearbox.
I want to prime and paint everything in one go for obvious reasons, once painted final fixing of these components can mvoe on.
Ive also made an aluminium plate that is bolted to the right hand side panel which supports the brake/clutch fluid reservoir above the inlets on the master cyclinder. This avoids fixing the reservoir to the front bulkhead, where space is limited, and height above cyclinder inlets an issue, due to the drop on the dahboard.
Also fixed the adjustable fan thermostat to the side panel, allowing easy access to for fan temp.
Have to say a big thanks to my neighbour for giving up his weekend and doing alot of the metal fabrication for me !!!

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