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Aug 05 2010

Radiator fan controller

I ordered an adjustable radiator fan controller, a thermostat hose mount and union from CBS.
I dont know why, but the hose connector is a 10m thread, the union is 1/4" american thread. Not even UK one!! CBS sell these two parts as a kit, and not having them fit is stupid. They charge 5 pound to re-tap it!!
I didnt bother with getting them to re-tap it. My neighbour had a tap set that would work on it so he kindly done that, and it all seems to work together.
I also set about cutting out a new rectangluar aluminium sheet to make center console version III.
I dont need nor want two rows of switches, so now I will have a row of 5 switches in the middle, a power socket in the bottom left, a starter & kill switch in the bottom right, and if space allowed two 52mm gauges at the top.
I want to keep the dashboard recess for either a heater control matrix or GPS logger with screen.

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