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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor
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Feb 28 2010

Fitting Battery plate


Time to fix the battery mounting plate to the chassis. I am locating the battery as to close the original place in the Donor as possible.
This then allows you to use the same thick cables for the starter motor and the alternator. Having said that the battery plate will fit better turned through 90 degreess, the starter motor will still reach the +ve on the battery (+ve rearmost on the EXi)
The ground cable should also reach, the eyelet halfway along is the chassis ground. The big question is if the alternator cable which connects to Pin5 on the battery fuse plate will reach. If it doesn't then it a 150Amp cable 2m long with an eyelet on each each.
I had to make up two securing plates, to hold the underside of the battery plate in place. I had some 2.5mm think aluminium sheet. So I used that.
To stop the mount plate from twisting around the chassis member, I use the recessed hole on the top of the chassis plate and drilled into the chassis beam. Using an M6 counter sunk screw and aa Rivnut. This seems to hold everything in place.
Not to sure about the long term fatigue here (with just one bolt), so I have also drilled a hole from the inside of the battery plate at 45 degreess into the chassis beam, and used another RivNut and M6 bolt.
I lost two rivnuts in the process, these fell into the chassis beam when tightening then bolt, I hope they dont make a horrible rattle, particulary when braking when the car is on the road. Hopefully they will get stuck somewhere :)
I put some high density foam between the plates and the chassis to increase the friction.
I placed an order today from AES, for the reels of cable and switch gear that I need to build the wiring loom That should arrive mid week. Then its onto the wiring !! If I get my ECU from Marlin, I might be able to fire the engine up in a few weeks!!!
I also need to get some Nuts & Bolts, I need replacement bolts for the driveshafts, I need 12 but only have 10, so I will replace them all.
I also need some M6x20mm dome head bolts, for the tunnels, using domeheads will allow me not to fail on IVA due to sharp edges, particulary if I dont carpet the inside. I am planning on carpetting. But the dome heads will also prevent the bolts heads cutting the top of the carpet.

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