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The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor
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Feb 10 2010

Fitting the rear suspension ball joints


I managed to borrow a 52mm Wrench from a friend of a friend, so I can get a spanner onto the bottom wishbone hub monuts.
In some places where the wishbone has been painted after tapping, paint has found its way into the threads. So it is not possible to get the hub monuts in by hand. Im hoping by slowly screwing in with a spanner, in a backwarsd forwards motion, I can get the mounts to cut through the paint to be seated correctly. Care must be used not to cross thread it.
Success, managed to get the lower hub mounts into the wishbones, using the trusty dremel tool with wire brush attachment I removed some additional debris located in the threads. I've loctited them into place, so they are now home permantley.
When fitting the wishesbones to the chasis, I forget to removed the paint from inside the bush mounting points, Ive removed the bushes and used the dremel with fine sanding attachement to clean out the excess, prior to re-assembling them and putting back onto the chassis. Required as long term the paint will come off and clog up the bushes.

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